Sell Your Auto

Sell Your Auto

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Selling Your Car Is a Pain, So Here’s How To Make It Easier

If you’re planning to buy a used car, a standard part of the process is figuring out how to get rid of your current vehicle. Some people want the most money possible, and some want to hand over the keys quickly and with minimal hassle. Whatever your priority, you should consider selling your car to Deals On Wheels Of Great Falls. You’ll typically make less then selling your used car to the public, but this will also take the hassle and stress out of the entire process. It might be worth more than you expect, so it’s worth your time to find out.

Since the conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic mean that used cars are in short supply, sellers have a little more leverage than usual. Because of economic uncertainty, more people are deciding to hang on to their vehicles longer. For the same reasons, more people want to buy used cars instead of new cars. It makes sense to take advantage of the timing if you plan to get rid of your used car anyway, but you should keep your expectations realistic.

Ready to get moving on your sale? Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Figure Out The Value
Several sites have used car valuation tools, such as Kelley Blue Book, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), and Consumer Reports. These calculators are helpful but have some shortcomings, so they’re to be used only for guidance. First, these sites use the information you provide and compare it to their data to estimate your car’s value. Still, the number they spit back isn’t an offer to buy your used car for that amount.

Second, be honest. Are you estimating your car’s value as “Good” when it’s an awful lot more like “Fair”? Your squeaky brakes and sagging seat cushions might not bother you, but that doesn’t mean a potential buyer will be thrilled, and any issues drag down the price someone is willing to pay.

Third, online calculators don’t account for everything. Factors unique to Great Falls, like climate, weather, gas prices, and demographics, result in fluctuations in the used car market. You might have a more popular or highly unpopular car in Great Falls, and its value will probably differ from that of a similar vehicle across the country.

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Deals on Wheels is a locally owned and operated Montana auto dealership. As a buy here pay here auto dealership, we offer Trade-ins to the general public, as we are the bank! Deals on Wheels Dealership in the Western Montana area provides customers with poor credit or bad credit with a chance to drive away in a great used car thanks to our No Credit/Bad Credit Auto Loans! With unmatched Buy Here Pay Here customer service throughout the Great Falls area, you are sure to drive away in your used car with a big smile from any of our Montana used car dealerships. For your convenience, we are located in Great Falls, Montana, so give us a call and come down to one of the best Buy Here Pay Here lots and get in a new USED CAR TODAY!